About The Looking Glass

My name is Courtney Stevens and I have been in the permanent makeup industry for 10 years.  Growing up, drawing and art was something I spent most of my time doing.  I have always had the passion to create beautiful work and in 2009 I went on to start my career path in the field of Cosmetology.  During my schooling, I discovered that I had a real eye and talent for makeup.  I had an instructor who had permanent brows and introduced me to the art of permanent makeup.

Upon graduating school I took the 132 hour permanent makeup course and I haven’t looked back.  I truly fell in love with the art and began teaching permanent makeup for other schools.  In my spare time, I wrote a book on everything that I knew about permanent makeup and eventually went on to open up my own school; The Looking Glass.  My dream in life is to not only provide the best services to my clients but to change the lives of my students by guiding them to become the best permanent makeup artists in the industry!