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Artists in Training

Our Mission

To provide students with confidence and skills that they need to become artists in this industry and to be able to perform their permanent cosmetic talents on the public in a safe and sanitary manner.

Entrance Requirements

Prospective Students must have an active Cosmetology or Esthetic license through the state of residence. Prospective students must also obtain an online Blood Borne Pathogen training certificate and provide proof of a Hepatitis B Vaccine or waiver indicating declination of the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Beginning/End Dates 2019

Permanent Cosmetics (course 101)
Class One:
August 7th-9th
August 14th-16th
August 21-23

August 28-30th
Return for Touch Ups/Testing:

September 28th-30th
Graduation Date: September 30th
Class Two:
September 5th-7th (Labor Day Holiday on Monday)
September 11th-13th
September 18th-20th
September 25th-27th
Return for Touch Ups/Testing:
October 26th-28th
Graduation Date: October 28th
Class Three:
October 2nd-4th
October 9th-11th
October 16th-18th
October 23rd-25th
Return for Touch Ups/ Testing:
November 28th– 30th

Graduation Date: November 30th
Class Four:
November 1st-4th
November 6th-8th
November 13th-15th
November 20th-22nd
Return for Touch Ups/Testing: December 18th– 20th
Graduation Date: December 20th
November 27th– December 1st  9:30-5:00 PM
December 4th-8th 9:30-5:00 PM
December 11th-12th 9:30-5:00 PM
Return for Touch Ups/Testing: January 2nd– 4th
Graduation Date: January 4th 2019

Class Schedule

Full time Students:
Monday through Wednesday 9:30-5:00pm with one-half hour lunch break for four weeks.  There will be a four week real period to allow students to complete their workbooks. Workbooks will be considered homework.  During the four-week period students are also allowed time to make up any missed hours.  After the four-week period students will return for touch ups and testing for the remaining three days.  Thursday- Saturday 9:30-5:00pm with a one-half hour lunch.

Educational Services

Program: Permanent Cosmetics
Course: Permanent Cosmetics 101
Subjects:  Rules and Regulations regarding Permanent Makeup, Public Safety, Health Department requirements, Bacteriology, Universal precautions, and Client/ Technician Injury, Skin Anatomy/Analysis, Softap Technique, Treatment Room Setup, Facial Anatomy, Brows, Eyeliner, Lips, Corrections, Color Theory, Fitzpatrick Typing, Before and After Photos, Contraindications, Release forms/Aftercare, Machines/Equipment, Microblading,  Needle Configurations/Techniques, Consultation, Business, practical experience with live models.
Occupational Objective:  The graduate should be able to acquire an entry-level position in the field of Permanent Cosmetics.
Course Length:  132 Hours
Units of Instruction:  2
Type of Instruction:  Classroom; 132 Hours
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